Dr. Rife Machine

Plasma Generator RPZ 15 is an experimental device
for elimination of pathogenic microorganisms
(viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, mites)

RPZ15 is completely professional Rife machine
with absolutely clear results proven many times

Technical data

Organ support

Functional enhancement of liver, kidneys,
lymphatic system, parts of brain and more

Elimination of pathogens

Electromagnetic impulses selectively eliminates
pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, mites)

Strengthenig the organism

Overhelmed immune system can be getting
back again by enhancement and para-detox


Life energy is rejuvenated by better nutrition supply and no more parasite toxins after destroying parasites and fungi


Once the body is clean and hormone and immune system can works properly the self-harmonisation processes can start

Detoxification of toxins

Toxins like "Aflatoxin" can be eliminated by frequencies

Scope of use

Practical use for humans, animals (pets), plants and food

Range of the signal

The best range for elimination of pathogens is 2-3 meters / yards

Frequency range

In lower band: 1 to 999 Hz and in higher band: 1 to 900 kHz